Sea-S Consulting

Aquarium Science, Innovation, and Practice

Chris Spaulding

My Experience

As the principal consultant and owner of Sea-S Consulting services, I have over 25 years of experience developing, constructing, and maintaining public aquarium exhibits and facilities as a biologist and curator.  I have special experience, education, and expertise in the project management of aquarium exhibit design, development, commissioning, long-range planning, collection planning, and program implementation.  

My Approach

My service includes a comprehensive consult that is both personable and professional to help identify gaps and opportunities whether it is a new concept being developed or an existing operation.  I can be as hands on as required and will always strive to bring a quality to your project that will exceed the industry's highest standards.

Why Me?

I have been a leader in numerous start-up exhibits and facilities, as well as worked within many AZA organizations as an aquarist and manager.  I have the unique array of experience and skills you are looking for.  Whether you are seeking assistance with a new concept or revising an existing operation, I can help you create and refine your plan for success.